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White Shadow Magazine launched by actress Parvatii Nair

White Shadow was started in 2017. we initiated it just for making short films & telefilms. In 2018 end, we have released some album songs and started curating multiple events, shows, PR works then with all obstructions & hurdles we come up with a bang of curating star diva which is a grand success for white shadow in 2019. Within this short span, we have great achievements of multiple events like star icon, glorious star awards, x-gen music concert with a distinct theme. Still, we have a long way to go. We are stepping into all platforms and making a milestone for diverse destinations. We are attaining the greatly desired by other event organizations here. We would love to work towards our idea of making greatly conceptualized events. And we always encourage as well as support young talents. Finally, we have entered in print media of making magazines, in the first launch itself we have got circulation access to the top five star hotels of Tamilnadu also through outsourcing, Bangalore, New York & gulf which is our first step of success. We are surely guaranteeing that white shadow magazine will create a buzz in print media.
White Shadow is a fashion event organization runner by Vinodh Chiranjeevi, Deepa umapathy( magazine head) launched their prestigious fashion magazines along with star diva season 2 poster on August 3rd at Hilton. The celebrity who attended the event and launched the magazine & poster are Parvati Nair, vimal, daniel Balaji, raj kamal, defender damodharankrishnan, Ajay vandair, dr Manoj Bano, Santhosh pratap, illango, sri devi ramesh, dr ekt. Shiva Kumar, Ananya, jishnu, Mansoor, Arun, drum stick productions, ranjana natchiyar,


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